Richard Groß

IT Archaeologist


Java Version History (Ongoing)

Ever since Java switched to its six-month release cadence (Time-Based Release Versioning) it has become a bit harder to keep up with the features they have implemented. The following list tracks the stable (not incubating or in preview) feature changes I deemed most noteworthy. The releases that Oracle will provide Long-Term Support (LTS) for are marked as such, based on the plan that Oracle publishes.

The list is ongoing and will be updated with every new Java release. A + marks an added feature, a - marks a removed feature.

  • 21 (expected September 2023) LTS until September 2028

  • 19 (September 2022)

    • Huge release feature-wise but all features are either in preview or incubating.

    • In Preview: Record patterns, pattern matching for switch, Virtual Threads, Foreign Function and Memory Api

    • Incubating: Vector API, Structured Concurrency

  • 18 (March 2022)

The full Java version history can be found via Open JDK, at Wikipedia or via the Java releases page.