Richard Groß

IT Archaeologist


Java Version History (Ongoing)

Ever since Java switched to its six-month release cadence (Time-Based Release Versioning) it has become a bit harder to keep up with the features they have implemented. The following list tracks the stable (not incubating or in preview) feature changes I deemed most noteworthy. The releases that Oracle will provide Long-Term Support (LTS) for are marked as such, based on the plan that Oracle publishes.

The list is ongoing and will be updated with every new Java release. A + marks an added feature, a - marks a removed feature.

  • 22 (expected March 2024)

    • Preliminary opinion, since JDK rampdown and feature set freeze won’t happen before January.

The full Java version history can be found via Open JDK, at Wikipedia or via the Java releases page. Another website that tracks java features but also gives upgrading advice is